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Stress WE ALL have IT!

STRESS WE ALL have IT. How do you handle it? Do you Stress Eat, healthy or unhealthy snacks or treats. Stress worry, do you then obsess about the stress and continue the loop of conversation over and over in your … Continue reading

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Big or Small

Recently I have started meditating again in the morning and I have to be honest I forgot how much I enjoy it. Now I know for many people the thought or the act of mediating can be intimidating, restless or … Continue reading

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Part 5 – Release Emotional Toxins

Let’s be honest many of us harbor emotional toxicity in the form of unprocessed anger, hurt or disappointment. We have all been hurt, rejected, angry, frustrated and many other emotional feelings in our lives but how we handle, process and move forward … Continue reading

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Now I know some of you are thinking meditation…really… But I am here to tell you that meditation takes on many different forms and that even for the skeptic there is a form of meditation for you! Meditation can range … Continue reading

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