“I enjoyed connecting with myself in a calming environment during the Reconnect, Renew and Restore 1 Day Retreat; especially the silent walk and the yoga. The process of actually identifying  problems and coming back with a variety of solutions was worthwhile. Hearing how you and others handle things or relax, gave me ideas I never thought of. I feel I can make small changes that will have a lasting impact. Knowing I don’t need to workout an hour a day to see results and that when I am eating healthy 90% of the time, enjoy that little that I don’t without guilt. I especially realized the importance of making time for me.” Stacy 9/2018

“The Reconnect, Renew, and Restore Retreat was very organized and very informative.  It not only covered the basics of nutrition, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness; but created an amazing opportunity to rejuvenate emotionally and physically.

Dana’s leadership throughout the entire day was outstanding; her teachings unfolded effortlessly, and she provided the space for each individual to connect with themselves and others.  One of the fundamentals that she teaches is “taking things in small steps”.  The small step of doing this retreat resulted in a more positive outlook for myself and my body and mind, which were rejoicing from the actions of the day.  I left feeling refreshed and renewed.  Her teachings work.

Most importantly Dana teaches and motivates others with such grace and she makes things fun.  Even when one thinks in their mind “I can’t” she turns around and shows you “yes you can” and without realizing it, you are doing it.

I really enjoyed how the retreat covered different tools throughout the day with a seamless transition and without being overwhelmed with too much information.  This introductory retreat made me realize I want to explore more deeply the areas covered.  Mindfulness, “changing the story”, breathing, “pausing” before reacting, and the relationship between mind/body and nutrition/exercise were big “aha” moments for me.  I wouldn’t change anything about the retreat. ”

Ofelia 9/2018

Two Year Old w/ Eczema Since Birth

Two Year Old w/ Eczema

Two Year Old Post Eczema After Nutritional Work w/ Dana

Two Year Old Post Eczema after Nutritional Work w/ Dana







“The first time I spoke with Dana she had enough confidence for the both of us that my son’s symptoms would go away.  Dana was my partner through the entire process listening to my concerns, giving me encouragement and guidance through the ups and the downs.  She was responsive to texts and emails and had helpful questions and advice on our calls.   I was concerned about corresponding through media and not face-to-face but the virtual process meet my needs, exceeded my expectations and was much more convenient.  She also identified improvements in our family’s diet and taught me about vitamins I was lacking as I was breastfeeding my two month old.

I am so glad to have Dana in my life and I will continue to use her expertise when more nutrition/health concerns arise with my family.”

Tina, Mom of Three Kids

“Dana is full of energy and constantly provides positive feedback and encouragement to help you achieve your mental and physical goals. She has a lot of knowledge about nutrition and shares her ideas on how to keep you and your family healthy through strong communication and a good work/ life balance, in addition to eating well and exercising. Dana is not only a coach for your physical wellbeing, she is a coach to keep your mind balanced, which sometimes is more important! She is trustworthy, friendly, and an inspiration to many because of the way she approaches life and the many obstacles that are thrown our way.
Thanks Dana for all that you do for your friends and family!”
-Jill – mom of 3 who works full time

“Before I had these personal sessions with you; fitness, nutrition, and self care seemed so foreign, out of my reach, and simply impossible. However; with your expertise, role modeling, your customized regimes, your consideration for my whole being, your four pillars, and your consistent support, I am slowly taking baby steps towards my journey of fitness, health, mindfulness, and inspiration! You helped me realize that I can do it! You gave me the gift of hope that self care is possible.”


“Since our boot camp classes have stopped I have done 5 5k’s. all for amazing charities!! This is all thanks to you for the motivation you showed in our morning classes! Based on the nutritional information you have shared with my my eating habits are now different (I do cheat from time to time) but I feel so much better. I love reading your blogs and the amazing recipes you post.”
“Working with Dana is inspiring and fun while seeing results.  Attending bi-weekly yoga classes gave me something to look forward during long weeks.  The classes are structured and adjusted to everyone’s ability as needed.  Dana offers numerous tips throughout each session on how to improve, practice at home, and get healthier.  Not only is she an amazing coach, but she goes further– providing us with ideas for better, healthier meal ideas and inspiring me to be an overall healthier person.  When working with Dana, you will get all of the pieces to improved health!  “
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