Stress WE ALL have IT!

STRESS WE ALL have IT. How do you handle it?

Do you Stress Eat, healthy or unhealthy snacks or treats. Stress worry, do you then obsess about the stress and continue the loop of conversation over and over in your head? Do you Stress fight or yell, because you are just so damned stressed that everything puts you over the edge…. If you can relate to any or all of these you are not alone. I can admit that I have experienced all of the above at one time or another.

This year I am trying to turn over a new leaf or new chapter in my life. I am truly trying to create a space of balance in my life and my family’s life. Now trust me things get unbalanced throughout any day and stress sneaks in but what I have found is how we come back to the feeling of “balance” that makes a difference.

Here are some ideas of creating balance or calmness on the go:

  • Breathing Exercises
    • 4-7-8
      • Inhale for 4 counts, Hold your breath for 7 and Exhale your breath for 8 counts
    • Simply focus on your breath – inhale, exhale, repeat
  • Visualization
    • Visual a calm place that is near and dear to your hearth
      • The ocean waves rolling in and out
      • Seeing the Sunrise or Sunset
  • Body Scan
    • Provide a mental body scan on yourself
      • Your heart is beating, You can control your breath, You feel rooted to the ground through your feet or through your chair if you are seated.
  • Realize you are not alone
    • Humans are not meant to be alone and when we can humanize what we are going through (moments of sadness, stress or even happiness), it is helpful to realize other people are going through similar situations. You are not alone, even if in the moment you are physically alone. This feeling of others can help bring a sense of balance back to your day.

I also truly encourage everyone reading this to try Meditation. Start out slow even 5 minutes a day, where you crave out time for you and your mind. Trust me, you will see a difference and in moments of stress you can remember that feeling of “Calmness, Balance or Clarity” that you experienced during meditation and draw on that to calm your current situation.

Not every day is peaches and roses, trust me I know that first hand with 3 young children and a husband who travels for work. But WE decide how we react. Remember our “Body Innately wants to be Balanced“, how we achieve that balance in difficult and challenging moments is up to us. Stress is part of life for adults and even our children. If we can be role models to our families and friends, show and teach them how to handle stress and regain balance.  Perhaps they will start to implore the same techniques and we could all achieve a greater sense of balance in our lives.

I challenge everyone reading this to give the above mentioned techniques the next time you are feeling stressed or unbalanced. I would love to hear how they are working for you.  If you need any additional guidance or personalized help so you can regain balance  in your life, either in nutrition, stress management or fitness please feel free to contact me at for your complimentary consultation.

In Good Health!!!!



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