Part 5 – Release Emotional Toxins

Let’s be honest many of us harbor emotional toxicity in the form of unprocessed anger, hurt or disappointment. We have all been hurt, rejected, angry, frustrated and many other emotional feelings in our lives but how we handle, process and move forward from these emotions is the real question. This unprocessed residue from the past contributes to toxicity in our body and it needs to be eliminated so you can have the optimum health you desire.

I have found a great question to start with when I am evaluating these feelings or emotions is: “What am I holding onto from the past that is no longer serving me in the present?” Once you have that identified it is much easier to release it and move forward. It is very helpful to journal these feelings out and then release them in a manner that is helpful to you to provide closure. Along with journaling, I find that meditation helps with gaining clarity on these feelings that so many of us bury.

When we hold onto all of these feelings it is very hard to be at our best. It takes a lot of energy every day to harbor these emotions. I encourage you to look deep inside yourself and ask “am I holding onto anything that isn’t helping me gain my ultimate health goals?” If so, I urge you to try to identify what is holding you back and work at releasing it. You will be re-energized and ready to truly take charge of your life and your overall health goals.

If you need any help in this area please contact me at 4pillarscoaching@gmail.

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