Part 4 – Sleep We All Need It!

Sleep, we all need it but are we getting enough. I understand the effects of sleep deprivation first hand! If you have been following my blog you know that I have 3 kids – 5 1/2, 3 1/2 and now a 9 month old, so trust me I know what lack of sleep or non-restful sleep can do to a person and on the flip side I know how I feel when I get a full 6-8 hours of sleep – I am a whole NEW woman ready to face anything!

There seems to be a tendency for people in our society to boost about how little sleep they need to function. But trust me it will eventually catch up with them as well. Many sleep studies that have been conducted over the years, now show that “we” all need about 6-8 hours of RESTFUL sleep to keep our body in balance. When we regularly don’t achieve this amount of sleep we start to notice health issue. Our body’s natural balance is affected, our immune system is weakened, inadequate sleep has been linked to weight gain and depression and it speeds up the aging process.

Do not fear if you are one of the none, regular, restful sleepers today. Look at your situation, is it due to having a circus act around you that you aren’t getting your regular z’s, or is it something you are doing that you can change and control. There are many effective rituals that can be done before bed to put you in the best state possible for a good restful night’s sleep. Our body is very forgiving to us, sometimes to a fault, start giving it what it needs and you will see how your body thrives.

If you need help establishing and starting an effective sleep ritual for you or your family please contact me directly at

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