Learn To Trust Yourself

Recently, I was thinking about all the ways we need to learn to trust ourselves and embrace change. When you become mindful about your eating habits and exercise habits you will create a balance within those areas of your life. It is normal to resist change, even when we know it will benefit us. My challenge to myself and everyone is to continue to strive and create that balance. As you become more in touch with your body, you will see what fuels you, what drains you and how you can create a renewed energy. For the next 7 days, I challenge everyone to be completely present when they are eating and exercising and take note of how you feel. As you become more in tune with what your body needs, it will become easier and easier to maintain. I would love to hear how the next 7 days go for you and what additional support you need to reach your health goals. Good luck and I wish you the next most mindful 7 days!

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