Quick and Easy Winter Smoothie

Are you ever wondering what should I make for breakfast that is quick, easy and packed full of vitamins and minerals? Well, stop looking! This winter smoothie uses fruits that are in season – which of course I am a huge fan of eating our fruits and veggies while they are in season since they will have the highest vitamin and mineral content. (I know must of us and our kids are used to eating strawberries year round, but let’s be honest they don’t  grow locally year round – so how far did that strawberry travel that you are eating in Dec?)

Winter Smoothie

1 large navel orange

1 large apple – any variety

1 large banana

Throw all of that in your blender and then add ice to get to the smoothie consistency you like. If you are a diary eater  you could add greek yogurt to this but I find it is just as tasty when I use ice to thicken it up. This smoothie is packed full of fiber, low in fat and full of vitamin C, A, B, Potassium and Calcium to name a few. I hope you and your family enjoy this winter smoothie either as a quick breakfast option or as an after school snack. Enjoy!!

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