Ideal Nutrition

Hopefully, now with better sleep and exercise you are feeling more balanced and more energetic. Now let’s tackle your nutrition. Do you eat out a lot for lunch or dinner. Try bringing your lunch and eating dinner in at least half the week. Not only will you be saving yourself $40-$100 a week, (depending if you eat both meals out regularly), but you will be able to make healthier choices.You will also be eating normal proportion sizes and you will know exactly what is in your food; such as substituting olive oil (healthy fat – cold pressed extra virgin olive oil) for butter. Try to include fresh raw veggies and fruits with each meal or snack.

This can easily be achieved by having fruit for breakfast or  a smoothie (fruit is very easy for our bodies to digest and convert to immediate energy – you start the day with your body packed with many powerful vitamins and minerals), prepare a large salad for lunch or at lease opt for the side salad and for dinner include seasonal veggies or a salad. The extra vitamins and minerals that you will be consuming will provide your body energy, stimulate healthy cell growth and the increased fiber will promote intestinal health.

Overemphasizing a particular food , such as protein, carbohydrate, fruit or vegetables is a mistake. Ideal nutrition is possible only when adequate quantities and due proportions of all food’s are present in the diet. This will lead to a balanced diet. Don’t mistake this for needing each category in every meal but in  your overall diet. I do believe in and promote whole food eating over processed foods. So anywhere, you can add or substitute a whole food (fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein..etc) for a traditional processed food (processed grains, pre-made/high sodium foods..etc) the better off you will be.

This week’s challenge: Start your day with fruit, bring your lunch to work and make dinner at your house; include raw veggies with both lunch and dinner and eat fruit for your snack.

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