We all know we need to exercise, a body in motion is a healthy body, but if you are like most people you can find many excuses not to exercise. So today throw those excuses out the window. For the rest of the week those excuses don’t exist and you are going to get your body moving!

We all need to aim for 3-5 workouts a week, that last 30-45 mins (once you get over 30 mins you are typically burning fat – depending upon your intensity). Not only does exercise help reduce stress, it provides excess oxygen to our cells that promote increased energy and cell regeneration.

Our cardio workouts promote a healthy heart and increased lung capacity. Pilates and yoga lengthen and strengthen our muscles, ligaments, tendons and promotes body balance (since I have always been a bit on the clumsy side, I can use all the body balance I can muster). Strength and resistance training promotes muscle strength, muscle mass (an increase in muscle mass will promote continued fat burning even after your workout has ended) and helps build up our bone density. Women especially need to add a resistance or strength training portion to their workout to promote healthy bone density.

So get outside for a run or walk today and get your vitamin D while exercising. If you are just starting a workout routine don’t over do it, but start slow. Remember, we want sustainable changes so it doesn’t do your body any good if you go to hard, to fast and get injured. Start 3-5 workouts this week that last 30-45 min. If you have been working out regularly, increase your intensity or add one of the above elements (cardio, balance or strength) to your routine if you are currently missing one. Schedule your workouts on your calendar, this will help combat the typical excuses that we all come up with. Start moving today!

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