Relationships = Success

We all get busy with our daily lives but we need to remember our support system; which usually encompasses our friends and family. So much of our overall happiness is derived from these relationships, which leads to our overall balance and health in life. It is easy to fall into the trap of not being 100% present for these relationships. We need to stop, slow down and realize what these relationships truly provide us, along with what we provide in return.

If you are trying to make healthy changes in your life but your partner doesn’t seem to understand or support your actions; I urge you to sit down and truly explain what you are trying to accomplish (renewed energy, cardiac health, more muscle tone, healthier food options, limited sugar, etc.). Remember, the path to good health is a journey and you will need support to achieve and sustain your goals.

If you have relationships that drain or stress you out, they can be harmful to your health . The constant state of stress is bad for you heart, skin, and digestion to name a few. Be active in your relationships and decide what you need, want and can give. Do not feel guilty for taking charge of what you need!

With the right support system anything is possible and hope can be restored. I recently had a client tell me that after one of our coaching sessions, she felt hopeful for the future and her health. For me, that was so moving and probably the biggest compliant I could have received from a client!

So take charge today and feel inspired and hopeful for what tomorrow can bring!

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  1. Great post. Thanks for the inspiration.

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