Kids and Meal Time

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat and make healthy choices? If so you are not alone! It takes many, many patient attempts from parents to get our children to eat healthy choices. One trick/tip that I use frequently with my own 2 small children is to encourage them to eat their colors…they get to pick what color they want to eat. Towards the end of the day I ask what colors have you eaten and which ones are we still eventually turns into a fun game/challenge to see who can eat the most colors in a day. To make this game successful make sure you have many fresh fruits and veggies handy (cucumbers, bell peppers,avoccado, carrots, apple, oranges, bananas are all great choices as they stay fresh for a while). Let’s making eating our colors a fun, and let’s be honest we as adults could probably eat more colors every day. I would love to hear how this goes in your house.

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