Healthy Handy Snacks

Do you find yourself reaching for crackers or chips as snacks because they are easy…But then feel guilty or sluggish from your food choice. Sticking with the theme from yesterday of meal planning, I suggest you make another simple change each week. Prep Veggies.

Prep veggies at the beginning of each week. If you peel and chop carrot sticks, cucumber slices (remember leave the peel on – since most of the vitamins and minerals are contained within the peel), celery, and have tomatoes on hand (or whatever your favorite veggies are) you will remove the obstacles of time and energy when you want a quick and easy snack. I also suggest having your favorite fruit on hand, so if you want something sweet you can reach for fruit vs. candy, cookies..etc.

Again, this is a simple change that will take about 10 min at the beginning of week but it will set you up for success. All of these fruits and veggies pack well for your office or are handy at home. Next time you reach for your mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, reach for your fruits and veggies that you prepared at the beginning of the week. Let’s face it, if we remove more obstacles, and make it easier to make healthy food choices we will have greater success for the long-term.

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