Boost Your Cardio

Do you feel like you have hit a plateau with your cardio routine…whether you bike, run or walk there are ways to boost your cardio and increase your lung capacity.

After your warm-up with your favorite cardio (usually 3-5 min into your work), increase your speed to sprints (this can be achieved again with any cardio – pedal your heart out on your bike, run sprints, or speed walk) for the next 2-5 min. You should not be able to carry on a conversation during this time. Then back it down to your regular speed where you are pushing yourself but can talk comfortably for the next 5-10 min. Continue this combination for your entire workout that should last between 30-45 min.

Not only will you see a difference in your muscles and form but you will notice a huge difference in your lung capacity. With increased lung capacity you will be able to continue to push yourself to your overall goal. Remember, this takes time to build up so go slow and steady and you will see the difference. I promise you, our bodies are amazing and they want to move and remain strong. Give your body the chance today to prove what it can to for you over the long haul.

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