Meal Planning

Let’s be honest we have all had the moment of: “what are we going to eat for dinner?!?” Instead of having anxiety over what you are going to make either for yourself or your family, and then usually settling for something easy and maybe not all that nutritious. I suggest you make the following change.

Every weekend before you go grocery shopping plan out your meals for the week. You can take a quick inventory of the proteins you have (which usually are going to be the budget killers, since they are going to be your highest ticket item), fresh fruits and veggies and what complete carbohydrates you already have. I understand you are thinking, great one more thing to do over the weekend, but trust me the extra 10-15 minutes it will take to plan out your meals, will save you so much time and heartache during the week. Not only will you feel great about having that done once the busy week takes over, but you will be able to do some simple prep beforehand (i.e. you decide to make a chicken stir fry one night – you can slice the chicken and the veggies the night before, so when it is time to make dinner you have a quick and easy meal at your finger tips).

Trust me, I still end up going to the grocery store during the week to replenish our fruits and veggies but the fact that my meals are already planned is one less thing for me to worry about. This is a simple change, that can make a huge impact to your weekly life balance. I am all about simple, sustainable changes that create more balance in our lives. I truly believe meal planning is one of those!

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