Summertime Health

So many of us start out summer with the best intentions of getting our summer fitness level up. We are anticipating warm summer days where we want to feel comfortable in our bathing suits or other fun summer clothes.

Even with the best intentions, we all sometimes fall off the wagon of health. Have you found yourself over indulging in summer time fun- too many summer snacks, extra drinking or sweets? If this rings true for you, accept where you have been, forgive yourself but decide TODAY what your health priorities are.

I recently was talking with an old client and a new client and had very similar conversations with them both. They were both feeling like they didn’t have the time for their health priorities and where talking about the fall or even wondering if there is a good time to start a new health routine. I assured them both there is never a wrong time to start but you have to be emotionally ready to create the space that is necessary to achieve your goals. Now that can seem overwhelming—- BUT trust me it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t create a bigger story in your head just to talk yourself out of YOUR overall goals. For example have you missed your regular workouts but don’t feel you have the time to commit to what YOUR OLD routine had been—- GET that story out of your head. Start small – 2 days a week to establish movement in your life would be a wonderful start!

Start talking about your health goals and priorities with your support group. It is amazing how we all need a little extra support and accountability to really keep us on track. It has been proven time and time again if you have support, whether it is through your friends, trainers or coaches you are more likely to stick with your health goals and priorities long-term.

Set sustainable milestones to help keep you on track. Determine your current habits that you want to adjust, for example:  have you been having to many sweet treat – instill  healthier versions of your existing treats or allow twice a week treats, have you been indulging in alcohol – instill no drinking during the week, have you been missing your workout- start out with 3 workouts that you schedule in your calendar per week. These are sustainable changes to start getting you on the right start. It is always the TIME TO PUT YOUR HEALTH FIRST! I challenge you all today to write out 2 sustainable changes you will start tomorrow. Stop making excuses and start tomorrow with a better version of yourself! I know you can do it and if you need extra help or personalized support to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals please reach out to me at to receive your complimentary consultation.

In Good Health!!!

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