Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how we as humans are resilient. Now you may be thinking, geez it has been a while since I have read a blog from 4 Pillars Coaching but I thought this was a nutrition blog, fear not, I promise I will get there just stay with me.

I truly believe we are “wired” to survive, this has been proven time and time again. Take for example our bodies; we can abuse it with lack of exercise, poor nutritional choices, levels of high stress and anxiety but yet our bodies keep fighting for us. If we just gave our bodies a fighting chance imagine how they would perform for us, and in turn how we would then feel.

Energized, Nourished, Fulfilled, Motivated, Healthy, Fit, Inspired

                Now we all fall off the wagon one time or another…take me for example it has been a while since my last blog…I would say a year…Yikes! I could continue to beat myself up for not showing up, or I can choose to be resilient and accept that life changes. We have to identify that sometimes we need to roll with life, and know that in our heart everything will eventually stabilize, to where you can regain your footing and your priorities.

My challenge for you today is to ask yourself have you fallen off the nutritional wagon, stress management, or level of activity that you desire. If you have you are not alone and I don’t ever want you to feel alone. I believe that in today’s fast paced society, we are tested with our resilience and our true desires for healthy living.  I believe a great first step to regaining or footing with healthy choices is to make them be known. Engage your community – this might look different for each person, it may be a spouse, a close friend, a family member, or even a nutrition and fitness coach… Think of all of your extended community and who you lean on for different areas in your life. We are not meant to exist alone, so we can not believe we can achieve optimum health on our own either. It takes dedication from us ,but I believe when we are open with our intentions or our challenges we can overcome them.

Ok, right now I want you all to write down your health goals for the next 3 months. Why 3 months you might be asking, well it is a great short-term goal amount, where you can make intentional small changes that are sustainable and impactful over that timetable. I want you to share them with your community, and I encourage you to communicate how they can help you be successful. We all need extra support, and these people in your life can help remove obstacles so that you can achieve your goals more easily. It might be as simple as saying, instead of meeting out for drinks or dinner once a week can we meet  for a walk instead, or I am trying to cut out empty calories such as alcohol, let’s together be healthier and not drink or have alcohol free nights or weekends. I believe you will be surprised with the support and encouragement you will receive from your “community” , because again these people are the people who you surround  yourself  with to help and encourage you along the way of this thing we call “life”.

Stay tuned for my next blog that will discuss clean eating principles and how you can easily incorporate them into your daily life.

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In Good Health!

 Be Fit…Be Healthy…Be Mindful…Be Inspired


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