Anticipating Turkey Day

Are you worried that tomorrow you will overeat and feel fatigued, not exercise and feel drained, or be stressed by your family and cover up that stress with food or drinks? Well, with this group of amazing women I am confident that we are all going to THRIVE tomorrow. We will not only be present in the moment but we will enjoy all that the day has to offer!

Now tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day of eating and being with your family. I know I am going to enjoy all that the day has to offer and I hope you all do to. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure you enjoy the day to the fullest but don’t fall into the traditional holiday gluttony, that inevitably leads to the Food Hangover.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Plan ahead with healthy options
    • If you are hosting or if you are going to someone’s house, make sure you have fresh veggies and fruit on hand for quick snacks throughout the day
  • When you are eating implore the tips of mindful eating
    • Chew slowly
    • Put your fork down in between bites
    • Be mindful of all the wonderful flavors that Thanksgiving brings
    • Stay hydrated
    • Remember it takes 30 minutes for our stomach to signal our brain that we are satisfied and full
  • Start the day off with a walk or have the whole family take a walk in between football games

Finally enjoy the day, be present, and keep your body in motion tomorrow. If you do that,  you will get  in a great state of mind.



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