Starting New

If you are like me and I believe most people are, you will have the best intentions to start something new but sometimes get overwhelmed when it comes to executing it. It could be starting a regular exercise routine, limiting artificial sugar, cooking more, managing stress and anxiety effectively…the list can go on and on…trust me I know.

We all have these “tools” in our life but sometimes the hardest thing to do is to start using them and truly incorporate them into our life practice. I encourage everyone to write down their list of tools over the weekend that they ,but haven’t been using to their fullest ability. Next acknowledge the ones that you have the highest connection to already (those will be  easier ones to truly incorporate), next look at your list again maybe there are ones that are more a weekly practice and ones that are daily. This isn’t meant to turn into yet one more failed list that hasn’t been completed, it is meant to help you be honest and prioritize the practices that are most important to you.

For me, balanced home cooked meals are a huge priority  and I strive for this as a daily practice, exercise is also up there maybe not daily but more often than weekly. For me meditation or breathing exercises for stress and anxiety are more like weekly practices, unless the kids are driving me nuts and then all I do all day is breathing exercises.

If you need help identifying your current tools or you need help with a specific area ( how to cook balanced healthy meals, personalized fitness routine…etc) please contact me so we can work through it together. I am here to help YOU REACH YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS!

Want some personalized help with your family’s health and fitness? Schedule your complimentary 30 minute session with me now.


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