Part 6 – Loving Relationships

Now I know we all have our off days, I want you to think about what helped you turn that off day around. Was it meeting a friend for a walk, a long over due phone call with a family member, meeting a girlfriend over lunch, playing golf with a buddy or a spa day to recharge? If that sounds accurate for you, you have already seen the positive effect that relationships can have on your life.

Research shows that a good social support network has numerous physical and mental health benefits. It can keep you from feeling lonely, isolated or inadequate and if you feel good about yourself, you can deal with stress better. Friends and loved ones can be a good source of advice and suggest new ways of handling problems. But they can also be an excellent distraction from what’s bothering you. If your network of friends is small, I urge you to think about volunteering, joining an outdoor activities group or trying an online meet-up group to make new friends.

We all need a little extra push every now and then and a trusted friend or family member is the perfect one to do that for us.

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