Go Veggie

Now that you have all seen my post about salad essentials and my time saving tips, you always can make a quick, easy and nutritious salad. Now I challenge you to go vegetarian once a week. If you are already doing this try to add 1 additional day. I usually have 2 days a week where I go completely vegetarian.

It is pretty easy to incorporate once you had some good solid staples. Large fruit salad for breakfast (hopefully you have already seen my recipe and post on the benefits of fruit for breakfast). Large salad for lunch add tofu or beans to obtain an adequate amount of protein. For dinner another salad, vegetarian stir fry, or stuffed Portobello mushroom packed full of shredded veggies are always great options. If you are interested in more vegetarian options please contact me directly at 4pillarscoaching@gmail.com.

Our body can easily break down the proteins and carbs in vegetables, which allows for easy absorption of all of the vital minerals and vitamins found in these wonderful foods.  Also, the more fruits and vegetables you incorporate you will be adding more fiber to your diet  which is always a good thing! You will also be giving your major organs a rest when you go vegetarian. It is easier on our kidneys and liver to digest and absorb vegetable protein vs. animal protein. On a final note that is always near and dear to my husband’s heart, is the grocery budget. Vegetable protein is far cheaper on a family budget or a single budget over animal protein. So the bottom line if you add 1 to 2 vegetarian days to your week you will add essential vitamins and minerals you might be currently missing, you will be eating less saturated fat which will help with your waistline and it will save you money. Sounds like a no brainer to me to go vegetarian twice a week.

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