Salad Essentials Tips

I know many people think salads are boring, are for the rabbits, won’t satisfy or fill them up – trust me I have heard it all (especially from my loving husband) but trust me if he can come around and be excited for salads then I know you can too!

I find it very helpful to have my pantry and fridge stocked with some simple staples so salad making is very easy the night before. Here are a few things that I always make sure I have on hand:

  • Lettuce prewashed and chopped (much easier to grab lettuce that is already prepared then find the extra time in the am to wash and chop)
  • Veggies – I love bell peppers, carrots, cucumber in almost every salad so I always make sure I have those on hand as a good base to my salad
  • Fruit – I love apples in various salads so I always have them on hand – if I don’t put one in my salad, it is easy to grab for my afternoon snack
  • Tofu – great easy protein that can either be eaten raw or you can sauté it the night before or in the am to add to your salad
  • Beans – I have kidney, black, pinto and garbanzo beans in my pantry
  • Dried cranberries

With the above staples you can create exciting, delicious, portable salads every day to enjoy on the go or at your house without any of the hassle or excuses. For more time management tips and kitchen essential help, please contact me so I can work directly with your needs at

To your health! Enjoy!

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