Stress – It’s A Killer

Let’s be honest, we all have stress and we all need to learn or maintain healthy coping mechanisms. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how we all deal with stress, both healthy and unhealthy methods.

Stress happens and if we don’t deal with “it”, it will manifest in so many different areas of our lives. It can create self-doubt, which can stall our actions in business or life, which can then lead to harsh self-judgment and can end up making us “stop or turn off”. This is our body’s way of dealing with “it”. If we don’t control it, it will control us.  It will affect our food choices and overall nutrition, it will affect our moods, it will affect our energy level, it will affect our sleep, it will affect so many areas of our lives.

Many of my nutrition clients over the years have asked the question “why now” am I being challenged or stressed in the current manner that is happening. My answer back is, because now you are stronger and can deal with it. I know it doesn’t always feel that way in the heat of the moment, but I challenge you to self-reflect about what you have, what support you have today and why today you are being challenged in the current manner.

I also strongly believe we all need to identify  healthy coping mechanisms. My favorite are: working out, yoga, meditation, journaling (which I have recently taken up and find it VERY helpful to write it all out and get it out there in the world on paper vs. in my mind and the stories that go along with it) and talking through the situation.

So today on this Monday when you start out your week, I challenge you to control and accept the stress in your life and come at it from a position of acceptance and rationale of why today. Again, we have all at one point in our life let the stress win and I think we can all acknowledge that it can quickly manifest into other areas of our lives.  Today, you will be the Victor and have the Mind/Body Connection that you want and deserve.

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