Cravings – How to be mindful

Cravings, we all have them, the bottom line is how we handle them.

Have you fallen prey to the 3pm piece of candy, or the after dinner sweet or salty treat when you reasonably know you aren’t hungry and don’t really need that piece of chocolate or the handful of salty chips. Well don’t despair, you ARE NOT ALONE, we have all gone down this path at one time or another!!!

Depending upon what is going on in our life at any given moment, will most likely affect our food choices. Are we eating out of boredom, stress, anxiety, depression – you fill in the blank. Do you look around and feel that other people don’t succumb to these cravings, do you view it as a weakness. Well I am here to tell you to STOP with the self guilt and judgment.  Once we start the path of the “1” piece of candy at 3pm or the after dinner treat, our brain triggers a chemical reaction to crave these food items regardless of our current level of satisfaction. The trick is to not let these cravings rule you for 1 week. If you can overcome them, by distracting your brain with other activities for 1 week you will notice that you aren’t looking for that piece of candy at 3pm.

I know you are thinking easier said than done. Well here are a few handy tricks that I use to overcome my cravings when I have let my  sweet or salty treat rule me: breathing exercises where I ask myself am I really hungry or am I craving this out of the routine I have created; distract myself with water or tea – I find that sometimes I just need to consume “something” to overcome the craving, start moving – whether I go for walk with my kids, dog or husband or do some simple stretches in the family room; once the blood starts moving I soon forget about the “treat” I was just craving. I also truly try to identify where this “craving” is coming from and why (i.e. boredom, anxiety, sadness..etc), I feel once you can identify that emotion you can start to dig deeper and fill that “void” in a healthier manner.

Food cravings can be a tricky and challenging experience for everyone. I am here if you need additional help to identify where your food cravings are coming from and how you can start to control them vs. them controlling you. If you would like additional help, please feel free to contact me at

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