Quinoa = Super Food

Quinoa – you can use it anywhere you usually use rice but it takes half the time and is better for you which for me is a huge bonus. I personally like the red or tri-color .It is considered a super food due to the protein content, fiber, omega 3’s and not to mention vitamins and minerals. I love using it in stir frys. I also add it to my salads  to add a little more texture and taste.

Here is a super easy stir-fry recipe .


Start quinoa on stove – I use water as my based but some people use chicken broth or stock to add more flavor – it is  up to you. It cooks for 15 min covered.

Then move onto your meat and veggies:

Flat iron steak or chicken breast slice in 1/2 “ wide strips sauté with olive oil 4-5 per side; take out of pan

Add any favorite veggies you love: I usually use carrots sliced ½’ thick, snow peas or sugar peas whole, bell pepper sliced, mushrooms sliced, cabbage sliced, & brocolli sauté /steam in same pan cover with lid for 3-5, the veggies will release their natural waters and self steam…then I usually take the lid off for the remaining 5 min or to the texture you like your veggies cooked too.

Once I assemble the quinoa & the stir-fry mixture I add a little soy sauce and either schezwan sauce or some other spicy sauce I have around – we like spicy food. Hope you enjoy this fast, delicious SUPER FOOD Stir Fry!





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