Synergistic Relationships – Living and Food

We need to realize that a synergistic relationship exists between our foods and our overall living and quality of life. We do not live by food alone. We breath, drink, work, play, sleep, rest, think, reproduce, misbehave..etc..We are not what we eat but a sum total of all of the effects of living. Exercise improves our assimilative powers. Rest and sleep keep our fatigue at bay. Sunshine helps us assimilate our foods and allows our bodies to convert pro-vitamins into vitamins (hello Vitamin D). A fast can help restore our nutrition.

We need to keep the total picture in mind when we are reaching for ideal health and balance within our lives. If you have been following my blog, you already know that I strive for overall balance in my own life. I also strive to help my clients achieve an overall life,nutrition and health balance. Stay tuned for daily challenges throughout the week, that are simple changes that can help restore and maintain your overall balance. They will address sleep, exercise, nutrition and relationships. I hope you enjoy the upcoming challenge!

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