We all make priorities; for me one of my priorities is to eat dinner as a family. It is a time where we all come together over one of my favorite things: FOOD. My husband and I truly cherish this time with our kids; even if we are silently looking back and forth at each while both kids are trying to tell really horrible knock knock jokes or singing Ba Ba Black Sheep at the top of their lungs. We both get a twinkle in our eye and most likely a little bit of a headache as well.

I pride myself on providing a healthy and balanced meal at dinner but let’s be honest we are all not perfect and some nights you just have to let go of the control and give a little. So if every now and then your perfect dinner is buttered noodles and veggies – I say go with it and sing Ba Ba Black Sheet at the top of your lungs.

Remember, it is about balance in all aspects of your life . One night or one meal is not is not going to derail you and your health aspirations. Be kind to yourself and you will continue to achieve and surpass your health and life goals.

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