Benefits of Tofu

Have you been discouraged to eat tofu because you think it is bland, worried about the “soy/estrogen” factor, or just because it is called tofu.

I was a non-tofu person  as well, probably like most of. About 4 or so years ago I truly discovered how to cook and enjoy tofu. Even my husband who let’s be honest the first time I served him tofu he pretty much turned up his nose at me and said something to the effect of ” do you really believe you will get me to eat that…”, now enjoys and eats tofu pretty regularly.

I understand if you are concerned or scared about the soy/estrogen since there are many different views out there today concerning this topic. I honestly feel based on all of my studying and individual research, that if you substitute one or two meat meals a week with tofu, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Not only does tofu provide calcium, vitamin E, and isoflavones (which help reduce and rid our body of free radicals),  it also helps lower cholesterol. You will lower your bad cholesterol when you substitute meat with tofu a couple of times a week. The great thing about tofu, is it takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking. I love tofu in stir-frys, or sauted with some herbs to go in a salad.

One word of caution with tofu though, please buy organic. Soy beans are the number one genetically modified foods out there. To truly gain the benefits of soy, you want to ensure you are eating 100% soy and not something made in a lab. Come back tomorrow for a quick and easy recipe for a delicious salad that can be made a head for your busy lifestyle.

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