Calcium Pre and Post-Natal

If you are either pregnant or nursing, I am sure you are more aware of what you put in your body. It can get confusing at times as to what is best and the most efficient way to achieve optimum health during these times in your life.

One very important mineral your body needs during pregnancy and lactation is “calcium”. If you are not replenishing your body’s needs, the good news is your baby will still receive the amount of calcium they require ,but the bad news is it will be leached from your bones and teeth. The best way to ensure your health and the health of the baby is to continue to replenish your calcium intake.

Now, I am sure if you are a milk drinker you are probably thinking, that you receive enough calcium and your might be…but the truth is that our body actually absorbs more calcium from other foods such as kale and collard greens (all other leafy green vegetables as well) vs. cows milk. The reason is these vegetables are easier for our body to assimilate and absorb their minerals vs. our body’s breaking down cows milk to absorb the calcium. Additional good sources for calcium are: calcium fortified foods such as orange juice and certain cerals, soy milk, tofu, and dried beans are all excellent sources of calcium. So, if milk doesn’t bother you stick with it but try incorporating some of the above choices as well, and if you are not a milk drinker I hope you feel more empowered knowing about these other calcium rich foods. Keep up your bone health today by replenishing your body’s calcium.

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