Quick and Easy Lunch Idea

Are you stuck trying to find something you can quickly make in the morning to bring to work or constantly struggling to provide a healthy lunch for your school aged child? If so try, this healthy low-fat, high protein , balanced carbohydrate and vitamin enriched wrap idea.

I use a combo whole wheat and corn tortilla that I get from Trader Joe’s along with their original humus as the base. Then add turkey or ham whichever you prefer. For the adult version, I add sliced bell pepper and cucumber along with spinach… My son will eat it with bell pepper since he likes the crunch so try that as well if your child isn’t bothered by different textures (since bell pepper is packed full of vitamin A & C). With the humus and turkey you are getting around 12 grams of protein and once you add in the spinach you add another gram of protein and vitamin A & C along with fiber, calcium and iron. Give this wrap a try today for lunch.

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