Greek Yogurt…Which is the Best?

There are so many varieties and brands of greek yogurt that have entered in the market now, that the health benefits of eating greek yogurt are widely known…but the question is are they all created equally?

The answer: No.

To get the health benefits of probiotic’s you need to buy greek yogurt that has “live and active cultures”. You might have noticed a watery substance that layers the yogurt, that is good, don’t dump it in your sink (as my husband first did) as those are the live cultures. Probiotic’s help keep your intestinal track healthy by increasing the “good flora” or good bacteria in your intestine. Bacteria in the gut or intestines provide many health benefits: healthy digestion, it stimulates cell growth, and increases immunity to name a few.

Adding greek yogurt into your breakfast routine has many health benefits: an increase in “good” bacteria or flora, protein and calcium. Add it today for your health.

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