Fear it is a bitch! But today is the day to say to your fear, I know you, I accept you and I will continue!  Recently I have been speaking to clients about their own fears and researching it a bit more. You see fear of starting a new job, a new venture, a new way of eating, a new exercise program or maybe even a new relationship stalls many of us in our tracks.

Do you ever see that person who in your mind has it together? Well guess what, I bet that person is dealing with their own fear on some level, the difference is they accept it and keep moving. So today I encourage everyone to look deep inside themselves and ask what am I fearful of and acknowledge it. Acknowledging it is half the battle!

If you would like personalized help to get to your nutrition and fitness goals but are fearful of failing yet another “fad”, please contact me at 4pillarscoaching@gmail.com to schedule a complimentary consultation. Working together I am confident we can get you to your goals!


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