Orange Chicken Edamame

Chicken Edamame

Need a quick nutritious delicious dinner your entire family will love…well look no further. This meal is so simple you will have it on the table within 30 minutes, even if you are bouncing a baby on your hip, while stirring and helping with homework.


Sautéed boneless skinless breasts (1/2 breast per person)

Bag of frozen organic edamame steamed

2 red bell peppers – left raw

1/2-1 mandarin oranges per person or 1-2 cans mandarin oranges rinsed

Brown rice or quinoa

While your rice or quinoa is cooking, sauté the chicken, steam the edamame and prep the bell peppers and mandarin oranges. Once you plate it, we love to drizzle a little hot chili sauce with orange juice over the top to finish it off (just a little orange juice for the kiddos).

This is a great next day portable lunch to take to the office, so I recommend cooking extra chicken and rice.

If you are looking for the lean protein packed meal this is the one for you; between the boneless skinless chicken, edamame and if you opt for quinoa over the brown rice you are getting over 30 grams of protein, along with these vital minerals and vitamins calcium, vitamin A & C and iron. Enjoy this family favorite tonight on your table ~ ENJOY!!

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