It isn’t pretty but tasty….Dinner Tonight

Long ago my Mom taught me to truly enjoy my food and sometimes the best tasting meals are not the prettiest. Well, I have created a delicious gluten-free dinner but I am warning you it was not pretty. It was very easy to create and could easily be made ahead of time.

Teriyaki Chicken

Boil a pot of water, once it is boiling add rice noodles remove them from the heat and let them cook in the boiling water for 8-10 minutes.

Saute chicken – once the chicken is cooked add sliced carrots and bell pepper ( I used an orange bell pepper – had a green and orange theme veggie night with the kids). Add gluten-free teriyaki sauce and simmer until veggies are cooked.

While your chicken is cooking steam broccoli and whole organic edamame (remember my post about GMO’s – soybeans are one of the highest GMO foods so please always buy organic). Toss it all together and there is dinner. Again not pretty but very tasty.

You are getting great lean protein from the boneless, skinless chicken breasts and edamame. Tons of Vitamin C, A, K, Anti-Inflammatory properties (particularly from the broccoli), along with calcium and iron. So go ahead make this delicious, healthy tonight and eat your colors by making it an organge and green veggie night. Trust me everyone will love it!

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