Non Processed Day

I have heard from many of you at how great you are feeling now that you had introduced
“Go Veggie” for a day or two -if you were already eating vegetarian once a week. I love the passion and dedication to your health. So since you all know that I love a good challenge and clearly you all are the same, I have another new challenge for you…

Monday March 10th don’t eat any processed Carbs. Notice how I give you until Monday to start this challenge, I am giving you time over the weekend to go and buy your “whole” foods for Monday.

Now some of you might be asking what is a processed carb. Don’t feel bad about asking, my husband in fact asked me the same question when I told him about this challenge.

A processed carb is going to be anything that isn’t in its original form. For example the bread on your sandwich is processed, but the whole rice that you eat at lunch or dinner is not. The crackers with a dip are a processed carb but whole veggies (carrots, cucumber, celery to name a few) are a whole food.

Processed carbs have very little nutrition left in them, since their nutrients have been stripped down during the processing process. This leaves us feeling those highs and lows after we eat them. These processed foods do not help keep our blood sugar stable, in fact it does quite the opposite and many times due to that instability we feel unsatisfied so we find ourselves reaching for one more thing to satisfy us.

So Monday March 10th commit to eating only “WHOLE FOODS”  and take notice at how you feel. Are you more satisfied, do you have more energy, do you notice less bloating or overall better digestive health. I challenge you to take your health into your hands and get in tune with how your body processes food and how it makes you feel. I am here to help you with this journey of health. If you ever have any questions please contact me at
To Your Health!

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