Motivation Journal

A motivation journal, in a very simple tool that helps keep you on track. When I task my clients with this, sometimes they are a little skeptical at first but the feedback I receive after a week or so is always positive. You can make it as complex or as simple as you want but there a few basics that are required.

The most basic version is keeping track of your energy and moods while you eat and drink, and about an hour or so after you eat and drink. In the fast paced environment that we all live in, it is very easy to forget to take stock in how we are feeling and how our foods and drink choices either eliminate our energy or provide us energy. Each person is different, which is why it is so important to get in touch with what foods work for you and which ones don’t. It can be as simple as noting what you eat and drink and stating high, medium or low energy and happy, even or low mood.

The path of good health can be challenging and we can easily get side tracked if we are only keeping our eye on the scale. This journal will help keep track of your other victories that I feel are substantial, but can easily be overlooked and forgotten.  Remember, the path of healthy living is much more than a specific weight goal. It encompasses:our energy, our life balance, our happiness with ourselves and others, relaxation, and just plain enjoyment of life.

This journal will become a great resource and insight into yourself that will help keep you on track with your overall goals. I understand the frustration associated with not losing weight when you want to but this journal will help keep the other victories in your sight (increased energy level due to “fill in the blank” meal, better hydration so you can exercise longer due to increase water consumption, etc). So start learning and begin listening to your body and what it needs, this will offer you so much comfort over the long-term.

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