Emotional Eating and Triggers

I urge everyone to look at what their primary foods are. Now you are probably asking yourself, what does she mean by “primary foods” and has she completely lost her mind now that she is 2 months away from baby number 3?

Primary foods are considered everything that feeds you that doesn’t go on your plate. These could be your personal and professional relationships, spirituality, hobbies, pets, job etc…

Now ask yourself do any of these areas trigger for you to feel: happy, excited, relaxed, loved, or stressed, anxious, nervous, and depressed. We need to start finding out about our own personal triggers and if we are reaching for food to fill that void or take away that anxiety.

Now that you are becoming more aware of your own personal triggers (which trust me you are not alone, as we all have them), I recommend you write them down to help you stay mindful and focused. During these moments where we all want to stray and go for the quick pick me up (which inevitability leads to the even quicker crash); I know you can stay in the driver seat and fill up on your other primary foods that bring you joy and satisfaction. If you would like to discuss your personal triggers and struggles please feel free to contact me directly at 4pillarscoaching@gmail.com. Again, I know you are capable of fighting the urges; but you need to expect things of yourself before you can change.

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