Being Mindful and Present

I recently met with a friend of mine to discuss some nutrition questions she had. It was a great meeting and a lot more came to the surface. One area that we spent some time on, was “being mindful and present”. This simple phrase can be overlapped with so many aspects of our lives. Being Mindful and Present to our ourselves (with our goals and dreams), to our families, to our eating, to our fitness routines, to our jobs…etc…

I know we have all been there with the infamous bag of potato chips and the TV. Before you know it the bag is empty and you don’t know how or when that happened. This is not being mindful to what we are eating and our overall health. My challenge to you this week is, to really be present for your meals and see how your food affects your mood, your energy, and your overall satisfaction. Food is meant to bring pleasure and satisfaction, without that we will continue to overindulge trying to fill that void.

So this week: turn the TV off during meals, try to eat your meals at a table (not the car, not at your desk while working)…truly take the time to enjoy your food and see what your food can bring you. I know it is challenging, we are all extremely busy and our society dictates that we do more and multitask more often, but when it comes to our food we should take the time to slow down and enjoy it.

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